Vegas Food Project is a food company that creates an ecosystem to bring the best food and industry players from all over the world to Vegas and give the value created in this city back to the world.

Out in the middle of a desert, Vegas is a city where there is minimal agriculture and food production. Yet, thanks to its millions of visitors and hospitality industry professionals, the food is at its best here.

  • Food distributors establish their most advanced infrastructure and operations to bring and distribute the food to this desert city
  • Food brokers buy the premium quality products from the entire world and sell to the VIP clientele
  • Chefs pick the best of the bests and serve them at their best.
  • And, millions of PEOPLE enjoy the food and drinks in this crazy place.

The founders of VFP are those professionals who have realized this vision of the company at different levels throughout their careers. Now, they got together to create a bigger impact in the food industry with a bigger organization.

Sarper Celenk,Founder of Vegas Food Project

Sarper Celenk


Lucio Arancibia

Culınary advısor

Florelee Monzon​

Events Director

Coming from a serial entrepreneur background, Sarper has played key roles in food expo organizations, international business development and food trade, and foodtech communities.

As a food and foodtech enthusiast, Sarper has invested in several food startups and a foodtech lab called YerAna (Mother Earth in Turkish) where food startups can test their products, pitch to the investors, organize events to engage with industry players.

Also, he is a mentor at Kök Ventures which is a food/agriculture/water VC & accelerator operating in a large geo spanning from Eastern Europe to Middle East to ASEAN countries.

Chef Lucio is a 40-year veteran of F&B operations. He is a devoted organizational developer and executive leader with a successful background impacting performance through a coordination of individual and team development platforms.

His expertise is reputed for playing a key role in building and leading high achievement management that produced winning teams. Some of the roles Chef Lucio held in his career:

Guest Chef, The White House
Executive Chef, Excalibur Hotel of The Mandalay Bay Group
Executive Chef, Sheraton New York
Founder, InFoodSys

After graduating from UNLV Hospitality, which is the best hospitality school across the nation, Flo is a seasoned hospitality industry professional who spent her 10 years in different businesses and organizations such as TAO Group, GFBA in New York and Las Vegas.

Known as a great connector, Flo managed to combine her hospitality background and food industry connections to create more value for the industry stakeholders.

She founded Vegas Food Expo, VFX Beer Fest and had a successful exit to Global Food & Beverage Association. As well as having solid leadership skills, being a ‘deliverer’ is another aspect that distinguishes her in our industry.